Join me, my star & soul families, ascended masters, the angelic realm & other lightbeings of the highest light for this potent transmission 
Encodeded during potent energetic alignment: Easter + Pink Full Moon in Libra + Once-in-a-life-time Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction for huge shifts. Please choose "Watch Replay Video" below.
Easter Special 
Release Unworthiness & Reclaim Our Sovereign Divinity
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Some highlights in this potent transmission:
Womb Clearing & Healing 
For both men & women. It was an unplanned process guided by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene in the preparation for removing the unworthiness templates & reclaiming our sovereignty & power.
Cellular Upgrades
Upgrades on our DNA with activation of our Divine genome and crystalline DNA. Decalcification of & upgrade on our Pineal Gland so we can "see" clearly. Elevation to a whole new set of timelines.
Elevated Consciousness 
Removal of distorted templates of unworthiness, not-enoughness & needing external saviour. Remembering our Divine blueprint, unique Soul frequency, creative power, love, abundance & freedom.
Ariel Tang
Quantum Coach/Healer, Ascension Mentor
Aloha I'm Ariel!
Throughout my career, I have worn many hats. I have got a BA in Economics and Finance & a MA in Public Relations & Advertising; worked as futures & equities broker, flight attendant, CEO of a restaurant chain, yoga & qigong teacher, Reiki Master, Chi Nei Tsang specialist, yoga teacher trainer, entrepreneur…all these various experience have prepared me for my soul mission on Earth. I am now guided by my High Council & Soul family that are made up of ascended masters, beings of the highest light to support humanity’s ascension from 3D to 5D consciousness, co-creating a New Golden Age.

We all come to this world with our unique codes, blueprints, missions and purposes. My mission is to help you unlock & master your magic and remember you are a powerful creator of reality.
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