3 Powerful
Daily Quantum Tools
Quantum Technology are powerful non-physical tools that work in multiple dimensions. 
Would you love to learn 3 powerful quantum tools that I use daily to activate my channel & energy field, and keep them clean and aligned? 
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What is 
Quantum Coaching?
Within the quantum, everything exists simultaneously  - your alternate lifetimes, different versions, parallel realities, past & future lives, subconscious programs, ancestral patterns, other dimensional existence etc. When we are able to navigate consciously and skilfully in the quantum, we can heal deep-seated wounds or release subconscious programs quickly & precisely. As an old soul with lifetimes on Earth and other star systems, I am a great realm-bridger and intuitive guide to help you release what no longer serves you and step into your highest timeline.

A session with me can help you...
  • Gain clarity into what is happening in your field
  • ​Receive deep insights and Divine guidance on any aspect of life
  • ​Live more fully and deeply
  • Deepen your connection with your multidimensional soul
  • ​Be a powerful creator/creatrix of your life
  • ​Release deep-seated subconscious or unconscious programs
  • ​Alchemize distortions that block you from living your dream life
  • ​Step into your highest timeline & higher realm of existence
Each session is multidimensional and consciously channeled and I will applied the most aligned quantum tools that I am guided to.
Ariel Tang
Throughout my career I have worn many hats. After 12 rewarding years as a yoga teacher and last few years adding on the role of Chi Nei Tsang Specialist, yoga teacher trainer and qigong teacher, and my "previous life" as financial specialist, flight attendant & then CEO of a restaurant chain, I am now divinely called to serve the world as a Quantum Coach/Healer, Ascension Guide & New Earth entrepreneur.

We all come to this world with our unique codes, blueprints, missions and purposes. My mission is to help you unleash their soul genius, call back your higher realm soul memories and remember you are a powerful creator of reality. I provide mentoring, Quantum coaching & healing, holistic solutions and strategies to support the full expression of your magnificent souls.

Remember - you are the powerful creator of your life.

With love,
"After you've learnt the tools, you can use them daily to start your day powerfully in as short as 2 minutes or as elaborate as 20 minutes"
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