Thrive as a unicorn
A 6-Week & Beyond Transformation Course with Ariel

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Dear beautiful souls, we don't come here to simply survive...
We come here to thrive
and in all areas of life!!!


I’m super excited for your interest in this powerful transformational journey!

This is not your usual personal development course. It is much more than that. This is a soul journey that will help you unlock your multidimensionality (yes that’s a word) and remember how frigging powerful you are as a creator! 

You will receive powerful transmissions coded from Bali, Egypt & Jakarta in this course. 

Through thousands of years of conditioning, humanity has inherited a lot of distorted programs that lock us in realities that we don’t truly desire. 

Time to change right? 
"We are all unique fractals of Source, Gods and Goddesses!"
Aloha I'm Ariel! Your guide for this journey.

Throughout my life I have worn many hats. Growing up in a traditional Chinese family with 3 generations living under one roof in the big city of Hong Kong, I was hard-wired in the surviving and hustling mode for decades. 

And I never felt I fitted in. I was considered the “black sheep” of the family because I thought, behaved and viewed the world very differently from my surroundings.

But thank God after decades of trials-and-errors and finding my ways, I’ve finally discovered that I was mistaken as a “Black Sheep” all along!

Instead I’m actually a UNICORN! A rainbow unicorn to be precise!

Unicorns are magnificent creatures that exist in higher dimensions than our current 3D reality. Yes they are real. They are pure, innocent, powerful, magical and full of healing power. 

This course is about activating the unicorn power within us!
This empowering course will have you...
  • Ignite your heart, mind & soul to expanded possibilities
  • ​Gain clarity with your values, dreams & visions so you can manifest your dream life with more precision
  • ​Release distortions and blockages so you can step into the highest timeline available to your right now
  • ​Unleash your inner power & genius to live a life of purpose & fulfilment
  • ​Activate your connection with your soul to embody more of your true self
  • ​Live life with more ease & grace
  • ​Unlock deeper layers of self-love & meaningful relationships
  • ​Learn how to stay high-vibe at all times in everyday life 
  • ​Activate next level of abundance & make money your BFF 
  • ​And so much more!
Love, freedom, abundance, vibrant health & joy should be our norms!

What's in store?

Here are what you you will receive...
  • ​6 power masterclasses with potent transmission from Bali & Egypt on soul connection, love, high vibe living, manifestation, mindset, abundance & money
  • ​Close to 18 hours of holistic & valuable materials 
  • ​High-frequency coded transmission to activate and recalibrate your being to higher realm realities
  • ​Release of unserving templates & programs
  • ​Activations of more of what serve us in our desired realities
  • ​Bonus classes to support the integration of the codes and expand the codex
  • ​Quantum Technologies to support your transformation & evolution
  • ​Practical tools that you can apply right away in your life to create changes
  • ​Life-long access to course materials
  • ​​Life-long access to our exclusive Facebook & Telegram groups for you to celebrate, ask questions related to the course materials and receive support

infinite possibilities await!
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Ariel Tang 

Quantum Coach, Ascension Mentor, 5D Entrepreneur, New Earth Leader

Throughout my career I have worn many hats. After 12 rewarding years as a yoga teacher and last few years adding on the role of Chi Nei Tsang Specialist, yoga teacher trainer and qigong teacher, and my "previous life" as financial specialist, flight attendant & then CEO of a restaurant chain, I am now divinely called to serve the world as a Quantum Coach/Healer, Ascension Mentor & New Earth entrepreneur.

We all come to this world with our unique codes, blueprints, missions and purposes. My mission is to help you unleash their soul genius, call back your higher realm soul memories and remember you are a powerful creator of reality. I provide mentoring, Quantum coaching & healing, holistic solutions and strategies to support the full expression of your magnificent souls.

You can learn more about my service on

Remember - You are the powerful creator of your life.

With love,

6 Powerful Masterclasses

Week 1
Soul Remembrance

Week 2
The Thriving Unicorn Mind

Week 3 
Vibe Mastery & Manifestation

Week 4
Activating Abundance

Week 5
Love & Conscious Relatioships

Week 6 
Make Money Your Best Friend


  • Discounted rate for ONE private Quantum Coaching/Healing Session with Ariel within three months from the course purchase day
  • ​Three short and sweet QiYo (Qigong + yoga) classes curated and guided by Ariel
  • Two Qigong tutorials for emotional and physical health 
  • ​Guided Taoist Six Healing Sound Meditation for deep healing & health maintenance
  • ​Masterclass “The Future of Money - Intro to Cryptocurrencies & Decentralized Finance”
Who is the course for?
  • Magical unicorns who have been mistaken as “black sheeps” previously and are ready to own their awesomeness and have it all
  • ​Souls that have always known there are more to life than their existing reality and are ready to shift into their highest timeline & higher realm of existence
  • Anyone ​who is curious and ready to thrive!
What to expect working with Ariel?
Transformation. With my diverse experience and interests, I'm very well-equipped to support people to thrive. I have a gift of seeing precisely the core of the issue and what needed to be done. I'm also a big advocate in educating people so they can be sovereign in their own transformation & healing journey. 
And it's gonna be fun :D
Why do I need this course? 
No you don't need it. It is your sovereign choice. There are infinite realities and possibilities and if you're not 100% happy with the realities & timelines you are in, would you like to play with me in another more amazing playground?
Alert: this is gonna be life-changing!
Investment: USD 555
With payment plan of 2 instalments for regular rate

And Special Pre-Launch Rate of $333 Expires in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

What other lovely souls say...

When working with Ariel, things shift in warp speed! So many shifts have happened that really expanded my life.
Lucy J - University Lecturer & Researcher
I'm so happy that I have made the step to sign up for her program 🦄🌈✨. It is really one of the best decisions I made.❤️
Vesselini S - Bio-medicine Scientist & Yogi
Is a refund available?
Due to the digital nature of the materials, we don’t provide refunds.

Do I need to know how the Quantum works?
No you don’t need to. You will learn along the way.

Do I have to be religious?
Not at all. This is beyond religion and all is welcome.

For how long can I access the course?
You have life-long access to the course

Do I have to finish the course in the specified time frame?
Not at all! This is a self-paced journey. If you feel you need more time to integrate certain materials, by all means! How well you integrate and embody these wisdom is more important than how fast you go through the course.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
Your open-mindedness & willingness to change. This is a transformational journey.

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